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We fix the "what should we play?" problem

Many gamers have experiencd the problem of not knowing what to play. Our platform aims to solve that problem.

  • Checkmark IconEasy & fast game browsing
  • Checkmark IconPowerful filters/sorting and AI powered search
  • Generic Icon DescriptionA recommendation engine and multi-person Link Room

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GamesLink free to use?

GamesLink offers a generous free tier experinece. We also offer paid features like the Link Room but we give you starter credits to try it out.

My team and I have credits. How do we use them?

The credits are used in the Link Room where a credit per person is used and link results are saved for future reference.

I do not see a game, can I add it?

While we have a big library of games, we do not have every game in the world. We are currently working on developing a system that allows users to submit games to be reviewed and added to the site.

Can I use GamesLink in a different language?

GamesLink is currently single region with English as the only language. We are currently working on making it accessible in other languages and give you the ability to get region specific recommendations.